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About Triad Manufacturing

Everything Triad Manufacturing creates is custom for your brand.

Triad has been creating custom fixtures and store environments for every type of franchise company all over the world for the past 25 years. Its state of the art equipment, 1.2 million square foot plant in St. Louis and hundreds of skilled craftsmen allow it to handle all types of projects, no matter how big or small. With Triad, there’s no need for multiple vendors—they can handle all aspects of store build-outs better, faster and cheaper.

With a commitment to quality, timeliness and exceptional customer service, Triad goes above and beyond in its efforts to create the best custom fixtures and store environments.

Why Triad Manufacturing

The faster franchise stores open their doors for business, the sooner royalty revenue starts flowing in. Triad provides brands everything they need during a store build-out, including architectural plans, permitting and general contracting. It also supplies custom millwork, metal fabrication, solid surface, graphics, flooring, seating, lighting and exterior signage.

Triad gives franchisees the opportunity to work on their businesses instead of worrying about their store-build out. That ultimately protects the consistency that’s essential for franchise brands from location to location.

Providing Solutions for Franchisees

By working with Triad Manufacturing, franchisees are able to focus on what matters most: building their new business. Instead of worrying about their store build-out and keeping up with multiple suppliers, Triad streamlines the entire process. For example, there’s only one check that needs to be written for Triad, not 20 or more. There are also no additional costs once the brand provides its initial invoice.

Triad goes above and beyond to save franchisees money—because the brand provides multi-store pricing, business owners are spending less than they would if they took on the responsibility of building out a single store themselves. Triad also promises to open up stores on time and on budget.

Helping Franchisors Sell More Stores

By handling store build-outs across franchise systems, Triad protects brands. The company ensures that franchisees don’t make changes during the store build-out process, ultimately providing brands with a custom, consistent look across the board. Triad also fields calls from franchisees, taking some of the franchisor’s responsibility off of their plate. And it doesn’t cost brands a dime to use Triad’s services.

Because Triad simplifies the store build-out process, it’s a positive experience for franchisees.  Those happy business owners then help brands sell more stores.

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